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The tool that has helped me the most to feel more connected to myself and my dreams is to reconnect to my innerchild: the child parts that we all carry with us along the way.

Often we respond in a certain way, because we are stuck in old patterns. Anxieties, beliefs, sadness – all unhealed emotions from your childhood leave a “bruise”, until they are healed. An old bruise, which is pressed every time someone says something that triggers the old belief or anxiety. By reconnecting to your innerchild, you can easily break those patterns.

Even better, the connection with YOU increases, you develop more self-compassion and that innercritic (a.k.a. the Ego) quickly loses grip on you.

The Best Part is, that it doesn’t take much time, it’s easy to do and you always have acces to your innerchild.

All you have to do, is experiment with it. How you do that is explained in this audiofile.

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How (on earth) can you improve communication in your marriage?
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Okay, so communication is one of the most important skills in your marriage. But HOW?

In this trainingseries, containing three video’s (and a yummie BONUS video on Selfcare 😊), you’ll learn what to do when you feel like you can’t really reach your partner or you sometimes feel like you’re speaking against a wall.

Prevent this from now on and learn simple and easy tools to communicate. Believe me, in all the 100’s of divorcecases I’ve handled as a divorcelawyer, communication was always the #1 issue.

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Moonchild Podcast

In my Moonchild Podcast show I share the lessons I’ve learned about connection, (self)love, forgiveness, energy, oneness. The podcast is mostly in English and sometimes in Dutch.


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