With her Rock Your Marriage program, Mirjam has put down a super valuable and powerful method to give your marriage a great and positive boost. Clear videos supplemented with worksheets, meditations and in-depth assignments provide you with good tools to get started. For me, the fact that I could do this program on an individual basis was one of the main reasons to start with it. Because I was not dependent on the cooperation of my partner (such as relationship therapy), I was able to go for it. The program has also fully proven that from your own position, and the things that concern, process and change from there, you automatically include the other person. Because I took a closer look at my thoughts, feelings and behavior and, for example, started to act differently, my partner reacted differently. By changing patterns myself, my partner gets the chance to react (unnoticed) differently, which in my case brought a lot of peace, space and extra motivation to continue with this program. I am no longer stuck in blame towards him, I am more open to my own feelings and have started to communicate more openly about this. He has also become more open (about his feelings) and that means that we have much more fun together, communicate better, we have much less struggle and it is really better to be together. We do fun things together more often and really grow closer together. I have become curious again about what is on his mind. And I sincerely enjoy doing sweet things for him again. This is because in the program I have also considered my own needs and put them back on the front. By taking better care of myself, I can now also look after my partner (and my children) more easily. And I especially enjoy it more. It really brought us a lot!

Lot - Entrepreneur

“My old story now feels like the prelude to a new phase – like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The programme also brought about a metamorphoses. Thank you for your warm, calm and loving guidance ”

Can’t wait for what the rest of the program will bring, I’m very excited!


A couple of weeks after starting with the program I can already see things shifting in our marriage, I notice several small but vital changes mainly in the way we communicate and even my husband noticed It. At first, I wondered that If only I did the work in the program and my husband didn’t, how that could result in a better way of communicating and more harmony in our family. Now I can already see that the changes I made, affect not only my husband but also my kids. It’s not always easy and there are times we fall back into old patterns but then I remind myself of why I’m doing this -MY BIG WHY- and that It’s all part of the process you go through during this program. Working on myself has led to several positive changes in other areas of my life as well which is a big bonus for me.
Can’t wait for what the rest of the program will bring, I’m very excited!


For me a way to live life peacefully and to my fullest potential. I have the power to write my own story forward and re-write my story backward. The Forgiveness process helps me to find the pivotal points in my life where I have made statements about myself, others, situations, live,… absolute. I have the ability to change my perspectives and live from a different point of view. The process acknowledges the ‘things that happened to me’ and helps to step out of the box to heal the past and move forward with more awareness and energy


“The insights and tools that are offered in this course are invaluable. I have more of a capacity to unravel uncomfortable feelings and “set-ups” from issues / experiences of the past that still bind me with trigger points of distraction and out of the present moment. I have a better connection / awareness of emotional patterns that trigger me out of balance. An opportunity to know myself more intimately.

- Irene