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Let's talk Communication

In this trainingseries you’ll learn how to communicate better with your partner.
You’ll learn about:
>> the effects of emotions on communication,
>> priceless tips on how to communicate in a way that your husband can actually hear you
>> effective ways to tackle your husbands emotions (besides the “yeah, but you”-method :))
>> I’ve put in a Bonus Video on Selfcare, because I believe that Selfcare, next to communication, is of significant importance in a marriage.

Recommended sequence

The perfect order to get the most out of this training is:
  1. What About Emotions?
  2. Let’s Talk Communication
  3. How to Tackle His Emotions?
The BONUS video on selfcare is just a Yummie Icing on the Cake as a gift to you!
So enjoy this training Let’s Talk Communication!

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NB: what you should know is you use the “how to tackle his emotions” technique only when you are calm yourself. If you feel overwhelmed by emotions yourself, you can’t tackle his.
In that latter case:
  1. just ask for some space,
  2. take a break and
  3. tell your husband you’ll be back to finish this conversation at a later moment.
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