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Find Forgiveness, Heal Your Marriage

Helping succesful, high-achieving women
to get the fire started in their marriage again!

Do you want to light up your marriage again? Think about this question for a minute. What is going on in your marriage? 

In my case, I wasn’t living up to my own beliefs of what my marriage should look like: 
warm, caring and safeTwo years ago, I found myself disconnected to my husband, just talking about the kids really. It felt stuck and I didn’t know what to do. Until I found forgiveness. Forgiveness to me is a place inside where I can access love, selfcare and compassion. I started living up to my own beliefs again, reconnected to myself and my husband. And that feels soooo good!

Now, because I want you to get that fire started in your marriage, I am hosting a 5 Day Challenge: Find Forgiveness, Heal Your Marriage. For high-achieving women only, who are brave enough and ready to face the fact that their marriage isn’t ideal.

In just 5 amazing days:
– I will show you that you have the power to change things
– You will put yourself back on your prioritylist
– You will actually get that fire started!

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Start: October 9th, 2019

What: 5 days of Meditation, Opening Up and Feeling Your Power

Time spent: about 30 mins a day, grande finale on October 9th 60 minutes

Cost: Totally free!