Episode #11 How to make my marriage happy again?

The ultimate FAQ is: How do I make my marriage happy again? In this and coming episodes I will focus on your FAQs! This episode is about taking a first step in that process of making your marriage happy again.

And the first thing you can do, is to focus on joy. What does go well? When you change the way you think, you create new neuro pathways in your brain and that creates change.

Ladies (sorry guys :(), you’re most welcome to join my Rock Your Marriage Facebook group for the current free coaching month on JOY & Gratitude! And lots of value afterwards ofcourse…

Enjoy this episode and if you have any questions, I’m one e-mail away…


As promised in this episode, here’s my morning meditation on joy:

Goodmorning dear ____. I’m waking up with a smile, looking forward to my day ahead. I may encounter things I won’t like today, but I will stay in my energy and receive those moments with grace and ease.

I feel blessed for waking up healthy, ready for a new day.

Today I will focus on joy. Let’s have some fun along the way.

The evening meditation on gratitude:

Thank you Universe for making me realize I’m at the exact place where I’m supposed to be. I’m learning and growing every day. I am embracing the now, feeling grateful for the lessons I’ve received today, the Beauty around me and the love in my heart.

I feel grateful.

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