Episode #10 Law of Attraction – What The World Needs Now Series

How can we use the Law of Attraction in difficult times? I’m speaking to Lou Niestadt about this in a marvellous episode of the Moonchild Podcast in the What the World Needs Now Series.


Lou says we can always use the Law of Attraction to make our lives better. Why? Because it is a neutral law in itself, not influenced by any pandemic or recession.

She has some great advice for us all, in Corona times, and specifically when you’re struggling in your relationship. She says you can always choose how you react. You can only think one thing at a time and you can choose 100% of the time.

All downsides have upsides and if you look for the upsides, even when it’s dark, you are looking at the stars. And that shifts your vibe and your life, big time.

Best quote from Lou: if you make joy your only job, you’ve got what you always wanted.


Enjoy this episode, there is so much wisdom in here!


You can find Lou’s work at www.louniestadt.com.

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