It is my pleasure to meet you! This is me!

I went from being an unhappy lawyer, in a lawfirm with “perfect” office, to living the free life – rocking my life and marriage big time.

I am Mirjam Maris, mother of three, wife, sister to my brother, daughter to my (divorced) parents and friend to many friends. 

Former familylawyer, now specialized in helping women rocking their marriage again. How come?

I felt I wasn’t really helping people and that is why I came to this planet – to help people improve their lives. But what I saw was that divorce didn’t solve the problems. On the contrary – it often made things worse. I felt myself caught up in a system that I no longer believed in. And often kids were the victims.

What most people think, is that when a marriage isn’t working out, there are three options:

  1. couples therapy
  2. staying unhappy 🙁
  3. divorce

So what to do when your spouse doesn’t want to go through couples therepy, or you’ve tried it but it didn’t work? Staying unhappy? Or divorce….

I found there is a fourth and significant option. You can change the patterns you’re in by stepping out of them for good, by letting go, by forgiving – by taking a leap. A leap from fear and anger to love.

That is what I show my clients and what I live in my own life. The free life, MY life – not ruled by anybody but me.

My program How to Rock Your Marriage again is based on the awardwinning program of Eileen Barker. I also am a EFT-couplestherapist and you will find many elements of that in my work as well. And ofcourse you’ll find me there – and all the leaps that I took.

Let me show you the way to freedom and rock your marriage again in 8 weeks!

Mirjam Maris, LLM, MA, with a dog that just showed up during the photoshoot ☺️

Former familylawyer and mediator, now rocking her life and marriage and teaching that to her clients too,