Hi! I am Mirjam

Founder of the Open Mind Academy, former family lawyer 

I help succesful, high achieving women to prevent divorce and rock their marriage again !

I help you to shift your consciousness,
which changes your view on your life and marriage forever

Prevent Divorce, step 1

Step 1 is always about awareness that your marriage is not (any longer) how you envisioned it. It isn’t going well, you may even think about getting a divorce. But deep inside you also feel this spark of hope for things to change. If only… 

You also want to do things differently, but you don’t know how. Many women ask me in this stage: how do I reach my husband, how can I wake him up, break him open?

This process, however, starts with you. Dreaming is part of this step too. How would you like your marriage to be? How do you see yourself in the future? But also: what is going to happen if you do nothing?

So step 1 always is: I know I don’t want this, but what do I want exactly?



What makes you truly happy?

To find out, download this free audio “Miracle Day”, in which I take you to your heartsdesires. 

What do I truely want? How do I find myself? I want to be myself, but how?

Find your answers here, in this magical meditation. Let yourself be guided.

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Shift your mind, change your story

In my time as a family lawyer, I noticed that many couples struggled with the fact that one of the partners wanted to save the marriage in couples therapy and the other didn’t want counselling. Or they had tried therapy, but it didn’t really work out the way they wanted.

Possibilities were then exhausted and divorce looked like the only way out.

What my clients know, is there is yet another way. You can actually start changing your marriage by yourself. By shifting your own consciousness, getting the right tools and tackling your communication patterns, I teach you how to Rock Your Marriage Again in 8 weeks.

Everyone is stuck in patterns, and if you step out of them and change your way of communicating, the energy of your marriage shifts big time before your very eyes. 

These customers preceded you!


“My old story now feels like the prelude to a new phase – like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The programme also brought about a metamorphoses. Thank you for your warm, calm and loving guidance ”

Can’t wait for what the rest of the program will bring, I’m very excited!


“The insights and tools that are offered in this course are invaluable. I have more of a capacity to unravel uncomfortable feelings and “set-ups” from issues / experiences of the past that still bind me with trigger points of distraction and out of the present moment. I have a better connection / awareness of emotional patterns that trigger me out of balance. An opportunity to know myself more intimately.

- Irene

A couple of weeks after starting with the program I can already see things shifting in our marriage, I notice several small but vital changes mainly in the way we communicate and even my husband noticed It. At first, I wondered that If only I did the work in the program and my husband didn’t, how that could result in a better way of communicating and more harmony in our family. Now I can already see that the changes I made, affect not only my husband but also my kids. It’s not always easy and there are times we fall back into old patterns but then I remind myself of why I’m doing this -MY BIG WHY- and that It’s all part of the process you go through during this program. Working on myself has led to several positive changes in other areas of my life as well which is a big bonus for me.
Can’t wait for what the rest of the program will bring, I’m very excited!


Rock Your Marriage Again

Are you stuck in a relationship or marriage that doesn’t make you happy anylonger? Do you long for a different relationship and maybe even think about getting a divorce?

Wait a minute! YOU yourself can actually turn the tide and start enjoying your marriage again! 

Divorce is not always a solution, you know. Did you know that women who are unhappy in marriage and get a divorce often stay unhappy for 5, 10 of even 15 more years? 

If you feel there still is a basis to go back to, between the two of you, or at least you want to find out if there is one, please request a free Clarity Call to find out what the options are. Why wouldn’t you?

Soon, my free webinar on the 5 shifts my clients make to Rock Their Marriage Again will be online. In it, I’ll explain exactly what steps they take and what benefits them, so you can learn from that and start implementing yourself.

Until then: my offer for you is a free Clarity Call of 30 minutes, where we’ll look into your current situation together, where you’d like to be and how I can be of best service to you. Now, how does that sound?

Free clarity call -
find out in 30 minutes which steps to take first so you can start rocking your marriage again!

About me

Hi! I’m Mirjam

As a former family lawyer, I mostly saw relationships ending up in divorce because of (lack of) communication. About the rigid patterns the’ve gotten into, that didn’t work any longer, but seemed impossible to break. 

I believe anyone has the power to change their lives around, if you get the right tools to do so. I help women shift their consciousness so the changes they make in their marriage and life are forever. 

It’s my honor and passion to witness that total transformation within 8 weeks time and support my clients on that exciting and rewarding road. 

Do you have a question? Want to know more?

Feel free to give me a shout out! I would love to hear from you!