Hi! I am Mirjam

Forgiveness coach and Founder of the Open Mind Academy

Helping succcesful, high-achieving women to heal their marriages

Forgiveness is about you

Forgiveness is not about the other person, but all about you. It neither has anything to do with accepting what the other person did. Forgiveness is all about letting go on a deep level, to set yourself free from the past and head off to the future.

Feeling stuck in a marriage is not a pleasant place to be. You see bigger dreams for yourself, but don’t know how to get there. You are surviving, instead of living. Where did the man go you married?

What if I told you, you could heal your marriage by finding forgiveness? Curious? Sign up for my Free Challenge Find Forgiveness, Heal Your Marriage.

Creating Energy

Non-verbal communication, in other words: energy, is the vast majority of all communication. Only a few per cent of communication acually is verbally, Can you imagine what it will do to your marriage, when you start reconnecting to yourself, shifting your perspective towards your marriage and, with that, create a totally different energyfield?

Bye bye old pattern, hello new connection.

Want to find out? Sign up for my free 5-day challenge Find Forgiveness, Heal Your Marriage.

Forgiveness is about connecting to yourself

In these times, it is very easy to lose connection to yourself. Let’s be honest here. Do you put yourself at number one? Or are you – like I used to be – on the bottom of your own list in terms of taking care? Selfcare has many forms. From taking time to having a nice long bath when you are tired, to feeding your body with nutritious food, to actually connecting to yourself.

For me, connecting to my heart and soul on a daily basis, through meditation, is as important as having a nutritious meal. It literally nurtures my soul. It is in that silent state where I come up with the best ideas, find forgiveness and let go of guilt. 

I have recorded a wonderful meditation to feel the heartconnection and also feel grounded to the earth. And the best thing, it is totally free! You can download it here, together with seven tips for meditating. To give you a headstart in connecting! 🦋

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Download a wonderful grounding meditation, to get you connected to yourself, together with my Seven tips for wonderful meditations and a link to my Spotify meditation playlist.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Mirjam

I am fascinated by personal development. I believe that everyone has the power to change their life around, and that forgiveness is key to that power. I absolutely LOVE to teach you how to heal your marriage that feels stuck. It is my honor to guide you in this beautiful, personal and exquisite process.

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